Mobility plan

The Formule One Grand Prix is an exceptional event bringing to Monza thousands of people.
This year on the 2th, 3th and 4th of September 2016 at the Monza National Autodrome inside the Park.

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A special plan has been designed to make traffic easier.

Special trains, buses and shuttles allow visitors to reach the Autodrome easily and quickly. A special plan has been purposely designed to favour the flows of vehicles.

In particular, on Saturday 3th and Sunday 4th V.le Cesare Battisti (from P.le Virgilio/Rondò dei Pini to Villa Reale) will be closed to traffic except for buses and taxis.

It's not allowed to drive in Monza park.
Leave your car in external parkings and walk or shuttle bus.

Timetable special trains and bus to/from autodrome

Monza celebrates The Formula One with sport and cultural events.
MonzaGP takes place from the 1th to the 4th of September.

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